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Greenhill Capital is an open student investment club. That means it is open to every student regardless of their university, faculty, degree or field of study. Even when it comes to preexisting knowledge regarding investing, members of GHC boast very different experience levels. Some may have placed their first steps on the stock market from an early age whereas others may be solely doing some preliminary discovery as to what investing in the stock market entails. At Greenhill Capital, students find an inclusive & transparent platform where they can grow their (hands-on) knowledge of the financial markets. We strongly believe that learning never ends nor is it ever too late to start learning. Therefore we maintain a pledge towards all members that there is always challenging content on offer for every individual.

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Our Investment Portfolio

Every member participates in Greenhill Capital by investing €400. Members will only invest their money in financial assets. Thus, this is not a membership fee! Greenhill Capital prides itself on not requiring any membership fee from its members. Press here to read more about how Greenhill Capital manages to finance its undertakings without asking members for a membership fee. By hosting an open student investment portfolio with the aim of achieving impressive returns while diversifying the portfolio to mitigate risks, Greenhill Capital can achieve one of its main objectives. Namely allowing students to invest their own money with others which offers certain cost advantages all whilst learning from one another in doing so. To safeguard an orderly and transparent functioning of Greenhill Capital, 2 freely available fixed moments during the academic year are provided to members wishing to leave GHC hereby retracting their initial investment adjusted by their personal return on investment. The voting process regarding all investment decisions, occurs using a democratic procedure in which all members can participate. Given that every member invests an initial (nominal) amount of €400, each member consequently receives 1 equal vote based on this nominal amount. Members can go ahead and use their single vote for every investment proposal. For example: Imagine member A proposes to buy stock A whilst member B proposes to buy stock B. Every member of Greenhill Capital can now vote 'for', 'against' or 'abstain' on both proposals. If both proposals get the majority of the votes, both stocks will be bought by Greenhill Capital. This also applies to any proposals to sell off positions within the existing portfolio.

Our community

At Greenhill Capital, students will also find a vibrant community of students sharing a common interest in the stock market. Both the in-person events as for the online chat groups amongst members offer a unique opportunity to touch base with like minded students who share the same questions. And who knows, maybe you’ll even make some (good) friends (for life) while you’re at it.

Our Active/Passive Members

Apart from the philosophy Greenhill Capital upholds of allowing each member to cherry-pick between the different initiatives they feel comfortable attending, members also have the ability to decide twice every semester to be an active or a passive Greenhill member. This means they have options to either choose to actively work on analyses and investment strategies together with other members (= active member) or just attend keynotes and events with no further commitment whilst maintaining their right to (view and) vote upon each proposal (=passive member).

Active members: Analyse and present investment proposal(s) for 3 consecutive weeks together with other members. In doing so, you are guided by Greenhill Capital’s own team portfolio as well as industry experts. Both members with or without experience and/or prior financial knowledge can choose to be active members. Given that this difference between members can cause problems when working in a group, Greenhill offers a multi-speed approach offering different levels (level 1, 2 & 3), grouping members based on their experience and knowledge. Analyses are always done in small groups. The 4th week, each group presents its findings to all the Greenhill members and proposes some buy/sell actions based on their findings. Following these presentations, members are free to cast their vote regarding each individual proposal using the online member’s portal on the Greenhill website.

Active members are expected to be present at the presentation and on at least 2 of the 3 sessions. It is also encouraged to be an active member since this most likely offers the easiest way to quickly learn a lot about the stock market and all it has to offer. They are also eligible for obtaining a GHCxPartner(s) Certificate.

Passive members: Do not analyse nor present investment proposals. They also aren’t eligible for obtaining a GHCxPartner(s) Certificate. Yet they do attend all sessions they wish to attend and maintain their voting right regarding every investment proposal. The interesting topics and the keynote speakers are announced in advance so that members can make the assessment for themselves whether they wish to attend the session or not. Naturally, we hope to see as many members present at every keynote given the interesting subjects that are covered weekly, however attendance is never expected from passive members.

As already mentioned briefly, members have the ability to choose between being an active or a passive member every 4 weeks. This means for instance that you can be a passive member during the first 4 weeks and an active member during the next four. Or the other way round. Of course members can also be active for all the weeks which means making the most of your Greenhill Capital membership.

InitiativesNon-MemberPassive MemberActive Member
Attend public events
Full access to online portal
Full access to online community
Right to vote (1 vote for every proposal)
Attend keynotes
Attend Exclusive Partner Events(✓)*
Analyse and present investment proposals
Obtain a GHCxPartner(s) Certificate

* If places are limited, priority is given to our most involved members.

Our Sessions

Corona Measures: Sessions and workshops will be held in person only if the safety of all members can be guaranteed. Otherwise online alternatives will be made available. Please check our social media and other communication channels for the latest updates. Important: All of our sessions are given in Dutch Each academic year contains 16 sessions grouped into 4 series (NL: reeksen) of which 2 occur in the first semester and 2 in the second semester. Each session takes place on a Wednesday. Each series consists of 3 sessions followed by 1 presentation session for all investment proposals. The 12 sessions are split up into 4 major themes, each theme being discussed for 4 weeks (3 sessions + 1 presentation). To every session we invite an expert from an industry leading company to be the keynote speaker. In the past we have hosted experts from banks such as KBC, ING, Bank Delen; other financial institutions including BlackRock and Bolero and other partners including Tuerlinckx Tax Lawyers, Capricorn, Schröders. Schedule 2020 - 2021 Sessions start on the 14th of October 2020 (Sem 1) Week 1-4 Portfolio Management (Sem 1) Week 4-8 Strategy in a volatile markets (Sem 2) Week 8-12 Value investing (Sem 2) Week 12-16 Megatrends

Our (Exclusive) Events

It has also always been important to Greenhill Capital to offer members more and better connections and job opportunities as they prepare to take their maiden steps on the job market. To that respect, GHC also teams up with it’s partners to offer members the chance to join exclusive dinners and events hosted by partners. Hereby introducing them to certain industries and allowing them to grow their network. All information regarding the timing and the selection procedure for one-off Exclusive Partner Events is communicated timely to all members through the different media channels at the start of each semester.

Our mission

At Greenhill Capital, students will also find a vibrant community of students sharing a common interest in the stock market. Both the in-person events as for the online chat groups amongst members offer a unique opportunity to touch base with like minded students who share the same questions. And who knows, maybe you’ll even make some (good) friends (for life) while you’re at it.

esg guidelines

Our members feel the importance of & responsibility for any possible negative environmental and societal consequences that may result due to investing in certain companies. Therefore our members voted for a proposal allowing GHC to play it’s own part in the ESG-investing trend by carrying the baton forward towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. As a result, ESG guidelines have been written providing an ESG interpretation and subsequent tools members can make use of when forming an investment proposal. Despite this, members maintain the freedom to not adhere to these guidelines if a majority of all members follow the same judgment when forming & voting on investment proposals for GHC. The principal ESG guidelines are based on 2 main commonly used idea's. Namely the following:

1. The exclusion of companies whose activities result in amongst other things nuclear proliferation, severe environmental damage or gross violations of human rights.

2. The exclusion of companies that are independently rated worst in class amongst its industry peers regarding all aspects included in mainstream ESG philosophy.

Greenhill Capital has been able to count on independent external research when conducting analysis about the ESG rapport of any given company. Currently it's fair to say that ESG research has become a cornerstone of all investment proposals for the common porfolio and ongoing review of the companies within the portfolio stays a focus safeguarded by all members.

How Do I Become a Member?

Signing up in just a few clicks! The only requirement being that you are a student. Join us here

  • 1. Register

    Register on the website. Fill in some basic information so we know who you are. The only requirement is that you are enrolled as a student.

  • 2. Sign

    After your registration, you will be able to download your contract. Please read it carefully. If something is not clear, no worries, our legal team is ready to answer any question you may have. Next step is to upload your signed contract.

  • 3. Transfer

    Transfer your €400 to the Greenhill Capital bank account. This money will only be used to invest.

  • 4. Congratulations!

    Once we receive your funds, you are officially a Greenhill Capital investor and you will have access to the online dashboard, exclusive member events and more.

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Our Partners

We only work with partners who we believe in and who are committed to helping us achieve our goals. They provide us with advice, support our undertakings and provide value to our members in countless ways. Members interested in getting in touch with our partners have many opportunities to do so during the academic year.

Our Partners are hiring!

Our partners are continuously looking for talent, take a look at our new careers page to learn more!Careers page